Auger Filler
Volumetric Cup Filler
Piston / Visco Filler
Weighing System

Auger Filler Machine for accurate filling of powders and granules in Containers, Bottles, Pouches etc, with accuracy up to ± 0.5%.

The machine has an auger screw & Special stirring system ensures good de-aeration. The machine has an electronic counter for accurate fill and easy adjustment of quantity. The counter system controls the number of rotations of the Auger screw with the help of Clutch-Brake Unit.

The filling quantity depends on size & number of rotations of Auger screw.  

Mode of Operation:

The filling cycle is initiated by a foot operated pedal or it can be used as an in-line unit.


Suitable for Dosing & Filling Non-Free Flowing powders


Filling Capacity: 10gms to 1000gms
Filling Speed: 15 to 25 Fills / Minute


Coffee powder, Milk Powder, Spice Powder, Tooth Powder, Chemicals like Pesticides, Pharma Powders, Herbal Powders, etc. 
Motor: 2 H.P.,1415 RPM, 3Phase

Salient Features:

Quick change over
Easy and accurate adjustment of quantities
All contact parts are made of SS304

Application :

To fill various Free flowing granular products like Tea,
Sugar, Salt,Pulses, Grains etc.

Filling range : 50 gms. To 5000 gms.

Speed : 500 to 1000 fills / hour

Motor : 0.5 H.P., Three phase

Optional : Enclosed filler area with transparent sheet

Salient features :

All contact parts are made of SS304
Telescopic cup system for easy adjustment of quantities
Easy to opeate

This unit is suitable for liquids, pastes and creams such as cold cream, honey, fruit puree, fruit juice etc.

Filling Capacity : 25 -500 ml

Accuracy : +/- 1%.

Electric Supply:  240V AC single phase


Poppet valve on fill head
Positive shut-off valve
Stroke limitation fill volume adjustment.
It is designed for table- top or in-line configuration.
It can pump product directly from the mixing tank.
Stainless steel construction.
The filling cycle is initiated by a foot operated pedal or it can be used as an in-line unit.
Control system is electro / pneumatic.

Multhihead Weigher:

Four Head Linear Weigher:


  Multhihead Weigher:


This 10 Head Weigher is suitable for Dry & Processed Foods like Sank Foods, Seeds(Pulses), Coffee(granules/beans), Tea, Sugar, Bakery Products, Candies & Confectionery, Rice, Nuts & Dried Fruits, Spices, small Pasta pieces, Pet Food etc.

It is also suitable for Non Food items like small - Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Auto, Electrical and Plumbing Parts etc.


Use the digital sensors to enhance speed, precision and anti-jamming capability
Frame with IP65 protection
Statistical Data-Inspect on screen and via optional printer output
Optional language of operation. English, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian etc.


Dimpled plate on all product contact surfaces
Overweight discharge equipment
Collection hopper

Weight: 320 Kg
Power Supply: 220V AC, 50 Hz, 1.1 KW
Weighing Range: 7- 1000 gms
Weight Accuracy: 0.3 – 1 gm
Speed: Up to 70 Fills / Min.
Preliminary Program: 99 sets
Display Unit: Color Display 5.7 Inch LCD with digital keypad

  Four Head Linear Weigher:


Packing Speed: Up to 50 Fills / Minute
Accuracy: + / - 1g
Max. Weight: 1000 gms
Max. Power Required: 1KW
Gross Weight: 225 Kg.
Machine Dimension: 960mm (W) x 1010 mm (L) x 1210mm (Ht.)
Impulse seal or Heat seal system
Sealing Length 100mm to 500mm
Sealing Width 3mm to 15mm.
Vertical for Liquids and Heavy Duty for Detergents and Powders
Pneumatic actuated with foot switch control  is also available.