Improved product freshness & tamper evident food packaging- the versatile SCP-25 Rotary filler / Sealer fills & heat seals pre-die cut foil, foil laminates or paper laminate lids.

The machine is suitable for viscous fluids, pasty material with or without solid matters in hot or cold conditions like water, Pudding, ketchup, Cream Cheese, Jelly, Beverages, Lassi, Butter milk, Bean curd, Yogurt, Shrikhand, Honey, Jams( hot), Paints, Oils etc.

The machine has 6 stations having standard operations of auto cup denesting, product filling, film cutting & placement, heat sealing, cup ejection.

Batch coding
Snap on lid

Technical Specifications:

Machine output: Up to 2500 cups / hr.
Dosing Volume: Up to 500ml.
Installed Power: 1.5KW
Packaging material: Polymeric cups made with a ring shape edge on the top end of the cup. Polymeric lids from laminated foil with thermally welded layer.

Dimensions(mm): 1295 Width x 1120 Depth x 1950 Height

Weight (Kg.): 350

The machine is suitable for filling & sealing any cup or box. The machine is suitable for filling any product such as cup mineral water, juice, or beverage, cup jelly, Lassi, Butter milk, Bean curd, Yogurt, Shrikhand, and Honey etc. The sealing paper suitable for this machine is any type of heat-sealable laminated foil.
Salient Features:

From cup dropping, liquid filling, cup sealing, sealing foil cutting, ready-product discharging to waste foil rewinding, all functions are finished within a small limit working area. After starting the machine, only one person is required for supplementing the cup timely on cup stand.

Economic and convenient, adjustable speed, easy to clean.
Photoelectric control for laminate print position control.
Two stage sealing device for packing stability.
All product contact parts are made of SS304.
Specification can be custom-made to meet requirement
Technical specifications:*
Machine output= Up to 9500 cups / hour
Overall Dimension= 2300 x 700 x 1500mm
Machine weight= 800 kg
Filling volume = Up to 200ml.
Air consumption = 150 liters /  minute (free air)
Power consumption = 2.5 KW
Core inner dia.: 70-77mm
Reel outer dia.: max: 300mm
Film roll weight : max: 25kg.

* General techanical specifications are mentioned. The technical specifications depends on cup size, product to be filled, product volume etc.